Tour Manager Training (TMT)

“Excellent course! Handling your communication is very important. The practical exercises are a good learning experience”

Even as an experienced tour manager, there might be times when you make the wrong decision, are tempted (again) to use a defensive posture, become annoyed with one of your guests, could have applied a different leadership style or could have improved on leading the group process.
Recognizable? Then this IVOR training is suited for you!

 Aims of this TMT training:
– Help you gain an understanding of group processes;
– Make you aware of your professional role as a tour manager;
– Enable you to use your communications skills to guide your group as efficiently as possible;
– Enable you to use your communicative skills in a targeted manner to prevent or resolve conflicts;
– Equip you to give and receive feedback

Topics discussed include the following:
– Gaining insight into the way you communicate
– Skills for tour managers
– Behaviour and expectations
– Feedback
– Dealing with conversations involving resistance or bad news
– Problem-solving conversation
– Styles of management
– Group processes

The training will not cover professional knowledge and procedures. We assume that your tour manager experience is both recent and at the desired level. Your last trip should not have been longer than a year ago, and you should have at least two years of experience. The theory is based on practical situations and role plays.
After this IVOR training, you will receive the European recognized ETOA / IVOR Tour Guide ID Card. This card gives you lot of benefits like free entrance at musea and other tourist attractions

Cost: The investment for this 4-day training is € 650,- Please make sure to pay this amount in full, three weeks before the first training day at the latest. Facturation by IVOR
– IVOR is exempt from VAT
– ETOA / IVOR Tour Guide ID Card is inclusive
– Maximum group size: 12 participants (a minimum of eight participants is required)

Location: UTRECHT
Language: English
If you live outside The Netherlands, you are also more than welcome to attend.

Registration: Email your updated CV and a recent photo of yourself (also to be used on the ID Card) to You will receive an invoice and general payment conditions. A final invitation will follow after full payment of the invoice.

It is also possible to offer this training within your company. Request a quote from Fleur: +31 (0)13 5801 312 or

“Thank you for the wonderful and informative training. I personally enjoyed and learned a lot from the training and I will apply these new techniques of communication, leadership and strategies to my new coming clients/group.
I had a nice time with the international group and sharing our experiences is helpful to get some awareness, projection and reflection.
I would like to thank you to our dear Teacher for her time, knowledge, professionalism, excellent communication and she is a great facilitator too”

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