Aiman Mlehati

“Feha hagha helwa” There is always beauty hidden somewhere in that place you’ve never been to yet. My specialty is to present it to you.

My name is Aiman Mlehati. I have a BA in English Literature and a passion for history. I received my tourism management license in 1991 from the Ministry of Tourism, and my Syrian tour guide license in 1998.

As owner/manager of my own travel agency (Ancient Culture Tours), I have more than twenty years of experience in tourism and tourism management. I make the Arab world come alive for clients, reflecting my love of history and the Middle East.

Full of ambition I followed the CTM (Certified Tour Manager) training at IVOR in 2019 and I am ANVR certified Tour Manager.
I have always had the passion of presenting the Dutch identity to tourists and colleague Tour Managers.

So it is with great honor to announce that Ancient Culture Tours and IVOR made it possible to bring experienced tourmanagers from all over the world to the Netherlands to follow the Tour Manager Training at IVOR ánd give them a change to get to know the Dutch identity.
I will be the contact person for IVOR for foreign affairs. With my background and network, I can bring experienced Tour Managers to the Netherlands and offer a good package deal through my travel agency.

In this phase we will start with the Tour Managers Training only for experienced Tour Managers. We are full with ambition and will come with more training possibilities in the future, also for people who are new to the Tour Managers job.

I believe that local interaction helps foster cultural understanding and promotes meaningful relationships among the peoples of different countries. When creating a tour, I consider all aspects of the trip – the travel terrain, cultural environment, and seasonal requirements – even the environmental footprint of the tour. I curate experiences that enable you to interact with local culture, enjoy untouched nature, meet fascinating people and taste delicious local dishes.

I am fluent in English, Arabic and nearly fluent in Dutch.

I am looking forward to welcome you into the Netherlands

Aiman Mlehati

For more information and application: IVOR TMT training

For more information about the package deal: Ancient Culture Tours




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