TAUCK zoekt reisbegeleiders

Tauck zoekt voor het zomerseizoen 2022

een tiental nieuwe reisbegeleiders.

Solliciteren kan door en een pitch op video van max 2 minuten waarin je jezelf in het Engels voorstelt en een brief met cv in het Engels te sturen naar Je dient de gehele periode van april t/m oktober beschikbaar te zijn om reizen in Europa te begeleiden. Aan de hand van video pitch wordt beoordeeld of je Engels toereikend is en of je in het Tauck team past.


About Us

Tauck is recognized as a world leader in deluxe escorted vacation tours; a fast growing company in a thriving industry. We offer more than 150 intriguing, all-inclusive vacations to the most popular worldwide destinations. These creative itineraries, with spectacular sightseeing and premium accommodations, are carefully choreographed to create enriching experiences and enlighten travelers interested in high quality, cultural vacations.

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Tauck Directors enjoy the benefits and resources of a company that has been at the cutting edge of guided travel since 1925. We take great pride in our front-line representatives and our reputation for excellence and integrity. We currently employ approximately 250 Tauck Directors worldwide. Tauck Directors typically work between the months of May and October and are expected to be available for work assignments as company need dictates. We require mandatory availability from all Tauck Directors for the months of September and October as that is when our tour season is at its height. Individual schedules vary, of course, depending on the combination of sales, itineraries assigned, language skills, personal interests, performance history, and seniority.


  • A record of success in the travel or hospitality industry, or similar experience in a customer-service related field such as health care or education
  • Solid oral and written communication skills
  • Administrative and basic accounting skills
  • Ability to use technology
  • A college or university degree is preferred


Scheduling is a collaborative process, incorporating performance feedback and individualized professional development goals. An annual performance review discussion is conducted with each Tauck Director at the end of the season.


Tauck Director compensation is a combination of base pay and gratuities received while on tour. Accepting monetary or material commissions is strictly forbidden throughout our organization and will result in immediate termination. Benefits for eligible Tauck Directors include: medical, dental, vision, life, travel, long-term disability, and worker’s compensation, insurance programs, a 401(k) company plan and a profit-sharing plan. Annual eligibility is based on the total number of weeks worked each calendar year.

Tauck Directors work in diverse physical and cultural settings around the globe. Whenever representing Tauck, they are expected to present themselves, and our organization, professionally with guests, suppliers, and fellow associates.

The most successful Tauck Directors are proficient at handling multi-faceted responsibilities. Key skills include:

  • Exceptional interpersonal skills for diverse audiences
  • Creative and dynamic presentation skills
  • Independent, resourceful decision-making
  • A collaborative approach when working with colleagues
  • Problem-solving skills, including poise under emergency conditions
  • Organizational skills, with both groups and accounting functions
  • Computer skills: ability to use email, internet, MS Word and Excel
  • Language skills for international itineraries, particularly French, German, Italian and Spanish

Tauck Director Core Responsibilities

Key elements include:

  • Provide engaging and relevant commentary.
  • Continually improving commentary content and delivery
  • Actively engaging guests through genuine personal interaction
  • Delivering balanced, informative and complete commentary with minimal reference to notes
  • Keeping current by regularly seeking new information
  • Providing guests with high quality and accurate tour information
  • Creating opportunities for learning
  • Sharing Contemporary Viewpoints. Our guests are interested in the contemporary/modern day perspective in addition to the historical perspective.  Successful Tauck Directors should be prepared to discuss the:
  • Local education system
  • Local politics/government (without sharing personal opinions)
  • Impact of globalization on local populace
  • Local populace view of the United States
  • Role of religion in modern day (without sharing personal beliefs)
  • Regional employment situation, economy, housing costs, etc.
  • Highlights of local current events or what’s getting front page news in the local newspapers

Concern & Courtesy

Key elements include:

  • Establishing genuine relationships with guests and interacting with them in a personal and caring way in order to maximize group as well as individual
  • Demonstrating availability and approachability
  • Learning Guests’ Names
  • Actively engaging guests in the overall tour experience
  • Fostering interaction with the local culture and people
  • Exhibiting good judgment when making choices or suggestions
  • Showing empathy and support when someone is upset or anxious and taking the initiative to reach appropriate resolve
  • Displaying poise and diplomacy by tactfully managing challenging situations, issues, and individuals
  • Finding appropriate solutions to on-tour problem situations
  • Assisting guests with lost articles on tour


Key elements include:

  • Building professional and reliable relationships with other Tauck Directors, suppliers and office staff
  • Establishing trust and credibility with colleagues by maintaining effective communications
  • Demonstrating flexibility in accepting work assignments


Key elements include:

  • Re-confirm all arrangements prior to each scheduled arrival
  • Cancel rooms with hotels as soon as you learn of any late guest cancellations
  • Know the appropriate routing for your tour so that the itinerary is followed as per the brochure.
  • Keep the tour running smoothly.



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