Tourism Plastic Pledge

donderdag, 12 december 2019

IVOR has signed the Tourism Plastic Pledge

International tourism sector joins forces for a plastic pollutionfree tourism industry

With more than 180 companies from the tourism sector, we sign the International Tourism Plastic Pledge, supported by MVO Nederland. We are taking action to keep our holiday destinations plastic pollution free, so that travellers and local communities can keep on enjoying the unspoiled beauty for many years to come.

Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world. This comes with great responsibility. Many countries, people and businesses are involved and economically dependent on the industry. Currently the tourism industry suffers from the consequences of plastic pollution. It negatively affects visual attractiveness of tourism destinations and contributes to pollution of soil and water, affects animal, plant and human health, and leads to biodiversity loss. On the other hand, the sector and holidaymakers contribute to the problem by creating waste at tourism destinations. We, the partners of this pledge, feel that international collaboration is key to increase our influence and contribute to a circular economy for plastics.

We acknowledge the urgency to take action to reduce plastic pollution. To achieve this we:
1. Share the intention to come to a concrete roadmap for the international tourism sector, in which we agree on concrete goals and a monitoring system to measure impact on our contribution to a circular economy for plastics and a plastic pollution-free tourism industry; 2.  Continue our efforts to prevent plastic pollution in tourism by reducing the use of singleuse plastics, to the best of our capacity;  3. Exchange knowledge, best practices and tools available on how the tourism sector can support the transition to a circular economy for plastics and prevent pollution.