ETOA Tour Guide ID

woensdag, 13 maart 2019

(oud) IVOR cursisten, die het IVOR diploma hebben gehaald én actief zijn in de reiswereld, kunnen nu de ETOA Tour Guide ID Card aanvragen

`The card is evidence of status. It has proved to be a convenient form of photo-ID that shows the holder is a professional tour guide contracted by an operator to lead tours. As such, it can provide reassurance to officials tasked with controlling commercial activity. For example, it helps distinguish the holder from an individual offering guiding services directly to visitors without appropriate authorisation, as distinct from providing services under a contract already made between visitor and operator. It has proven to be useful where museums and other attractions choose to recognise it. The card is not evidence of a qualification, thus it is neither a licence nor a certificate. It does not affect the holder’s rights to provide services.

The cost of the card is €37,50.

To apply for the card, tour guides must provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Country of Establishment (typically, where they are legally resident and pay tax)
  • Profile picture (clearly visible face – not hats, sunglasses etc.)
  • Name of an ETOA member that contracts them (=IVOR Tour Manager)

The link for the application area is this: